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data protection compliance

The diligent handling of personalized data is not only a legal requirement but rather builds trust between your company and its customers and employees. A positive side effect: Your company's security level increases.

Our product line data protection compliance focuses on the challenges your employees have to face in their daily work.

Your employees can look over Paul's and Paula's shoulder for typical questions from their daily work routine. In doing so, they will learn how to meet the challenges in practical situations and identify potential data protection risks. Within the basic and industry trainings, Paul and Paula slip into constantly changing work environments.

Discover our basic- and industry trainings
data protection compliance
25 min.
Employees working with personalized data

The basic training contains essential information concerning data protection:

  • Basics of data protection law and EU GDPR
  • Rights of the data subject and processing principles
  • Data processing and dissemination
  • Data protection at work, phishing mails and password security
  • Handling of data protection incidents and
  • obligation of confidentiality

Further practical tips for implementing data protection at the workplace (e.g. Clean Desk, Clear Screen) complete the training.

Data protection in healthcare
25 min.
Medical facilities and institutions

In our industry training 'Data protection in healthcare' the training environment changes to medical facilities: Paul and Paula slip into the role of the doctor and the patient.

The industry training contains all contents of the basic training and additionally deals with peculiarities from medical workplaces. The handling of patient records and health data is of paramount importance in the training. Paul and Paula repeatedly experience situations in which the special protection of this data is required.

Data protection in tourism industry
25 min.
Companies and service providers in tourism industry

Paula goes on vacation in our industry training 'Data protection in tourism industry'. Paul works in the hotel business and is responsible for the processing of Paula's data.

Starting with the booking, all processing activities of Paula's trip are addressed. Supplementary to the contents of the basic training the special regulations concerning the handling of guest data (before, during and after the trip) are in the focus of the industry training.

Clerical data protection
25 min.
Clerical facilities and educational institutions

The industry training puts Paul and Paula into a training environment under church patronage and is available in two versions.

The training 'Protestant data protection' presents the data protection requirements according to the EKD Data Protection Act, reflecting data protection of the Protestant church in Germany.

The legal guidelines and requirements according to the data protection law of the Catholic Church are dealt with in the 'Catholic data protection' version.

Clerical data protection in healthcare
25 min.
Medical facilities and institutions under church patronage

In the industry training 'Clerical data protection in healthcare' Paul and Paula slip into the role of the doctor and the patient in a clerical medical institution.

In addition to the contents of the Protestant and Catholic data protection laws, the industry training deals with the special features of the medical workplace.

The handling of patient and health data is the main focus of the training and Paul and Paula do again and again experience situations in which the special protection of these data is required.

An insight into the trainings
Good reasons for data protection compliance
  • Data protection training compliant to the EU GDPR
  • Developed by certified data protection officers
  • Introductory practical training with examples from the daily work environment
  • Specific training for numerous industries
  • Expert knowledge presented in an comprehensible way
  • Regular updating of the training contents
  • On request: Specific adaptations
  • Includes the obligation of confidentiality
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