Data protection & cyber security awareness-solutions

Sensitise employees for IT security risks - practice-oriented and comprehensible with CSX awareness-trainings and awareness-campaigns

CSX awareness-trainings
Data protection & cyber security in a nutshell

Sensitised employees play an important role for a holistic data protection and security strategy. How can you effectively and efficiently raise your employees' awareness?

Our CSX awareness-trainings offer the solution: practice-oriented training contents are prepared interactively and understandably.

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CSX phishing simulation
How safe is your company from phishing attacks?

Phishing mails find their way to operational and private mailboxes again and again. Technical safety precautions alone do not provide sufficient protection.

Our CSX phishing simulation enables you to sensitise your employees for phishing mails free of risk. Get active now and check your awareness - anonymously and tailored to your needs.

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Industry solutions for specific requirements
Phishing attacks
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