Take 35 minutes to learn the basics about cyber security

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cyber security

Digitisation brings both opportunities and challenges for companies. In order to be prepared against new attacks, companies must take technical security precautions and sufficiently sensitise their employees.

Our product line cyber security focuses on the daily challenges your employees face in the field of IT security.

Your employees can look over Paul's and Paula's shoulder concerning typical questions from their daily work. In doing so, they will learn to recognize potential risks and how even simple tips can ensure security in everyday life.

Discover our basic- and industry trainings
cyber security
25 min.
Employees working with digital terminal devices

In our basic training you will get a practical insight how you and your employees can handle dangerous situations and how you can make IT handling more secure:

  • Basics about IT security and current IT risks
  • Malware prevention and ransomware attacks
  • Social Engineering: Social Media, CEO fraud, USB drop and phishing mails,
  • Working at the mobile workplace, network attacks (man in the middle) and
  • Password security as well as two factor authentication

Practical tips for the implemenation of security measures at the mobile workplace (e. g. Clean Desk, Clear Screen) complete the training.

Cyber security maritime & logistics
25 min.
Companies in the maritime and logistics sector

In our industry training 'Cyber security maritime & logistics' the training environment changes again: Paula and Paul support logistics and transport processes in their work.

The industry training contains all contents from the basic training and deals in particular with the peculiarities of the logistical workstation on land and at sea. Paul and Paula experience typical situations in which the protection of data and devices is demanded.

Interactive CSX awareness-trainings
Good reasons for cyber security
  • In-depth awareness-training
  • Developed by certified IT security experts
  • Expert knowledge presented in an comprehensible way
  • Annual training updates
  • Specific adaptations on request
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