FAQ - Frequently asked questions

In case of a forgotten password, the "Forgot password" function on the login page of the CSX awareness-training can be used. Please enter your registered mail address here. A mail will be sent to it and you can reset your old password and generate a new one.  

If you are not registered with a mail address but only with a username, please contact your internal contact person to get a new password.  


Your account has probably been frozen due to too many incorrect login attempts. This is a technical security measure. Please contact your internal company contact person to reset your password or reset it yourself using the "Forgot Password" function.  

There are several possible reasons for a failed login. Make sure that you have entered your access data completely and correctly. If you copy the access data from the invitation, make sure that you have not accidentally copied and pasted spaces into the login fields.  

If the login does not work despite correct login data, this could be due to the browser settings (especially with Internet Explorer). In this case, switch to another browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) and make sure you are using the latest browser version. If you are unsure, please contact your internal IT department. 

Make sure that you have successfully passed all modules. The CSX awareness-training has been completed if you have worked through all modules and achieved 100% in the last module. In this case please contact your internal contact person. In case of doubt, he or she can contact the CSX Academy.  

The certificate of participation is forwarded to the responsible person in your company a few days after successful completion of the CSX Awareness Training.  

All you need to successfully complete the CSX awareness-training is an internet-enabled device and a current browser version.  

The training period is usually 8-12 weeks and can be determined after the contract is signed. Within this period, CSX Academy will provide reminders and reports on predetermined dates. We are also happy to include individual wishes in the scheduling of the CSX Awareness Trainings.  

In addition to the basic versions of our CSX awareness- trainings we also offer industry-specific trainings. Furthermore, it is possible to make individual requests and adjustments to the trainings.

If you have specific ideas for the design of the CSX awareness-trainings, our contact persons will be happy to help you. You are welcome to contact us. 

If you click on the link provided in the phishing mail, you will be redirected to a landing page of the CSX Academy. This is only a simulation and not a real phishing mail.

On the landing page you can find more information about features that help you recognize phishing mails and tips on how to behave correctly when dealing with phishing mails. 

We offer numerous different motifs that can be selected in advance. During a phishing simulation we send several mails with different contents to the participants. By doing so, the probability of the simulation being discovered is reduced.

No one can see or understand that you have clicked on the link. The simulation is primarily used to record the general awareness level of your company and is anonymous.Please keep the phishing simulation secret from your colleagues so that everyone has the same chance in this self-assessment.

We are happy to comply with specific requirements for the design of phishing mails. You are welcome to contact us.

Usually the implementation is centrally controlled by the IT of your company. Like this, the awareness screens reach all devices that can be found in the company network.

Alternatively, if you have the appropriate rights, you can change your lock and background screen under the screen settings.

The awareness-screens may be displayed on any number of your company-owned end devices. Only the transfer or distribution to third parties is not permitted.

Our edutainments can naturally be adapted to specific wishes and requirements. You are welcome to contact us.

The adaptation of CSX Edutainment to your corporate design is possible. You are welcome to contact us.