Our CSX edutainments represent a valuable supplement to your awareness campaign

CSX edutainments
Informative wallpapers for locked screens

Repeatedly seeing information makes it easier for us to memorize them on the long run. Our CSX awareness screens take advantage of this subtle learning.

As a login and lock screen, they inform your employees briefly and concisely about various topics related to data protection and IT security several times a day.

The setup can be controlled centrally by IT, so that the CSX awareness screens are displayed at all workstations and on all end devices in the corporate network.

CSX edutainments
Awareness poster for business premises

The CSX awareness poster are the analogue pendant to awareness screens and can be implemented additionally or as a single measure.

Visibly placed in the premises of your company, your employees are made aware of useful tips or lurking dangers several times a day. The memorable mnemonic sentences and the striking design are designed for a quick, subtle reception.

The CSX awareness posters are available in various motives and sizes.

Sensitisation at work
Good reasons for CSX edutainments
  • Numerous motives to choose from
  • Sensitisation concerning specific topics
  • Different poster and screen sizes available
  • Scalable package sizes and quantity units
  • On request: adaptations to your corporate design
  • On request: Integration of specific content

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